Pest Control Tips & Tricks


Help Keep Pests Away From Your Home

Outside the House

It makes total sense, if you can keep a higher percentage of pests off your property, you will have a lower percentage of pests in your home. Prevention is better than control, and keeping them out is better than treating for them once they are inside.

  1. Putting a mesh screen over the inside of your eve vents will prevent insects and rodents from gaining entry.
  2. Getting rid of rotting wood, will help to prevent roaches on your property, and out of your home.
  3. Mowing more often will stop weeds from creating new weeds, and lower the bug population.
  4. Keeping trees trimmed away from your roof will prevent insects that might use the roof to gain access to your vents, and inside your home.
  5. Fix leaky gutters, water attracts insects seeking water leaving them to live under your eaves.
  6. Sealing all outside cracks and holes including those for electrical cables, communication cables, plumbing, and around doors and windows, will help to keep outdoor pests outdoors.
  7. Replacing worn weather stripping and door sweeps will help to keep insects and rodents out of your home.
  8. Filling low spots in your property will help to keep the mosquito population low.
  9. Keeping vines and shrubs a foot or more from the home will improve your chances of keeping pests away.
  10. Checking your indoor pets after outdoor excursions can keep hitch hiking bugs out.
  11. Removing debris, and piles of wood, brush, or other materials from your property can cut down on the number of spiders you have to deal with.
  12. Keeping the lids tightly closed on trash cans, and keeping the cans well away from any place where people gather or doorways to your home can cut down on flies.
  13. Fixing any leaky plumbing, or dripping outdoor faucets will help to keep all pests away, including rodents, carpenter ants, and fungus.

Inside the House

  1. Maintain cleanliness in the home always and make the home crumb free. An untidy and dirty home draws all kinds of insects inside the house. Many pests and insects survive on dirt and garbage and nothing is more pleasant to them than crumbs scattered on the floor or the table and unkempt garbage.
  2. Make sure to seal all probably entries in the house. Ensure to check not just the front door but the back door as well. Do not neglect your windows. Seal windows using wire nets, screens o meshes.
  3. Manage your garbage properly. Dispose of empty cans and food packages immediately. Make it a point to take out the trash everyday and keep it sealed tightly when storing it in the garage.
  4. Wipe out spills right away with the use of soap and water.
  5. Keep ripe fruits inside the fridge.
  6. Daily wash the dishes or submerge them in soapy water if you cannot do the washing right away.
  7. Make sure that all food containers and beverages outside the fridge are tightly sealed. Use glass jars and plastic containers with rubber seals and snap-on lids than those with screw-top jars.
  8. Sweep the floors and vacuum theme regularly.
  9. Make it a point to keep the bathroom and kitchen dry at all times. Immediately fix leaky faucets and do not allow standing water to accumulate.
  10. Make sure to comb your pet with a flea comb at regular times and wash the bedding frequently. Vacuum floors, rugs and upholstery that are in constant contact with your pet.

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